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Thanksgiving Survival Guide

So, Thanksgiving is TOMORROW!┬áNot quite sure how that happened, but other than one final trip to the market, I think I’m ready. Now that I know what I’m putting on the table, time to figure out what I’m putting on myself. I think Thanksgiving is the perfect day to channel a younger, chicer Martha Stewart. Think pre-prison days. Anyway, here’s how I’m going to survive the holiday.

In The Glow Katie Roof Thanksgiving Fall Fashion Trends

+ a chunky sweater

+ flowy black pants – this is not the time for a skinny jean

+ pointy pumps

+ a cute cape

+ chic sunnies

+ a sleek timepiece

+ a stay-all-day bold lip

+ power dust for the pre-feast turkey trot

+ a cute pink fitbit – gotta get those steps in

+ festive fingers

+ beachy waves w/ a lot of texture

x, K

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Makin’ A List…


Ugggghhhhh. You guys. Christmas is in 6 days. SIX. DAYS.

I know. I’m not ready either. Is it just me or does December seem like the shortest month of the year?!? I am beyond overwhelmed. Between shopping, wrapping, packing ( my nemesis ) among the million and one other things I have to accomplish in the next few days I’m feeling a little bit crazed!

SO what’s a girl stress ball to do? Do as Santa does… make a list and check it twice. I am ALL ABOUT LISTS! I have the attention span of an ant, so if something is not written down, it gets totally lost in the shuffle.… Read More