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The Final Straw.


better buzzed iced dirty chai just say no single use plastic straws

“just say no”

So, as we’ve already discussed… I’ve been a little lot bummed about the election. I kinda can’t shake it, and all I can think about is what I can do to make a difference. Not regarding the results, but regarding the state, and the future of our country.

I’m hoping and praying that if any good is to come of this, it’s that more people are going to get up, get out, get involved, and make a stand for what they hold dear to them. So that’s what I’m going to do, little by little, one day, one step at a time.… Read More


Big Basin Winery

So… I’ve rarely gotten political on here, and I rarely will… but boy oh boy did last week send me on an emotional roller coaster ride, as I know it did for so many.

Without getting too into it, I was less than pleased with the results. Let me re-phrase that. I was absolutely TERRIFIED by the results. Let’s just say I had my pantsuit on and I was ready to party, instead, the night ended with my friends and I in tears, holding each other, and fearful of what the next day, and the next four years would hold.

san francisco santa cruz mountains big basin winery wine tasting dry harvesting

Needless to say, it’s been a rough week… but it’s also been amazing in many ways.… Read More

& we’re back…


Oh, hey 👋🏻. It’s been a minute. Between moving, weddings, traveling, and some super exciting projects in the works… I had to take a little LOA from blog life. But, I’m back… and better than ever. Well <– maybe not that last part, but I’m back nonetheless.

I’m excited to give you guys a peek into my new life in San Francisco. What I’m doing, where I’m shopping, what I’m eating, and all that good stuff.

So, what do you guys want to see more of, less of, none of (lol). Tell, tell.… Read More