Gallery Wall 101

gallery wall 101 in the glow katie roof black and white minimalism print wall

I’m so so so excited. My apartment is really starting to feel like home as I watch my vision come to life. As you may know, I moved into my new SF digs about 2 months ago, and getting it together has been a process, let me tell you.

Let’s face it… moving is such a pain in the ass, and this move definitely did not go off without a hitch. There were a few hiccups, such as my couch not fitting in the elevator. I live on the 8th floor, so this was a problem. As annoying as this was, it was also kind of amazing, because it gave me the perfect excuse to start from square one. Out with the old and in with the new. My wallet wasn’t so happy, but my heart was.  I did what I had to do, bit the bullet, put my credit card to work, and started designing my dream living room.

gallery wall 101 in the glow katie roof black and white minimalism print wall aimee song capture your style

I’ll be giving you sneak peeks into my home, but first thing’s first… let’s talk artwork. I love a good gallery wall, and knew I wanted this to be the mail focal point  of my living room. I’m also the least patient person you may ever meet, so I didn’t want to search and search form prints, get them matted and framed, etc. This sounded like a process that wasn’t calling my name. I knew I was going to have lots of visitors over the holidays and wanted my place to look on point, so I hopped onto Society 6 and got to work. I love that this place is a one stop shop for prints, frames, pretty much everything you could ever need. I also love that purchases support actual artists vs. big corporations.

Gallery walls are seriously the best. They are personal, affordable, and you don’t have to invest in one big piece of art that you may get sick of. Gallery walls allow you to switch it up as your aesthetic shifts.

gallery wall 101 in the glow katie roof black and white minimalism print wall avant garde

When designing a gallery wall pick one or two main pieces and work out from there. My wall consists of 6 prints – 2 large and 4 small. As far as frames go, you can totally switch it up for an eclectic mix, but I’m all about minimalism, so I opted for uniform frames. I probably browsed through 3K prints or so while looking for the perfect ones. I knew the vibe for my living room was minimalistic black and white with pops of metallic and glossier-pink.  Know your theme and stick with it to avoid over-shopping and over-cluttering your space with unnecessary chatskis (I used to be wayyyyyy guilty of this).

Also, your gallery wall should tell a story, or at least speak to you. I knew I wanted my wall to be a little abstract and avant garde, but I also wanted it to represent what I love most in life, my dog Frida, without being toooooo weird dog lady (which I totally am). I played around with some Frida Kahlo prints (her namesake), but they weren’t matching my vibe. Once I found a chihuahua print that looks exactly like my pup and a cute Frida quote to match, I knew I had it.

gallery wall 101 in the glow katie roof black and white minimalism print wall frida chihuahua

Once you have narrowed down your prints, lay them out! I’m super OCD, so I used Photoshop to layout the exact size and shape that my artwork would be living in. Laying out before you order is key! Not only will it help you to further narrow down your choices by seeing what compliments each other, it will also help you to determine what sizes and shapes to order for each piece.

gallery wall 101 in the glow katie roof black and white minimalism print wall society 6 frida lips chihuahua

When you have found that magic combination, you’ll know it. The best part? I had my prints within a week and the whole wall cost just over $300. Beyond worth it.

P.S. Comment below, or on my latest instagram post with #gimme10 and I’ll send you my code for $10 off your order. ‘Tis the season of giving, am I right?

Though my place is coming together, it’s far from finished… so spill. What are some of your favorite home-decor tips?


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